Junior Golfer Magazine


Why advertise?
Why should you invest in a magazine for young golfers? Simple … because the youth is our future and these youngsters will be the business leaders of tomorrow, wheeling and dealing, while playing 18 holes on your turf!
The buying power of the youth
• 75% of children between the ages of 4 and 5 choose items off the shelves to purchase
• 66% of children by the age of 3 make verbal product requests
The buying power of the SA youth**
• Most children receive disposable income, not necessarily set amount, ie highly indulged
• Market spends +/- R45 per day or R150 on weekends, which they get from their parents
• Kids generally save their money or spend it on leisure activities and accessories like playstation games, movies, cd’s, airtime etc
• Parents generally buy almost everything else ie clothes and other accessories.
** Source: Oracle Airtime Sales

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