Golf is the right sport for post-COVID19 World

Every beginner regardless of starting age will tell you golf is hard, but will quickly move onto that one shot that will forever bring them back to the range or mashie 9 holes.
With many contact and team sports facing shutdowns, golf is coming out as a major option for school kids and home-office keyboard warriors. USA has seen a major jump in golf retail and rounds played in the last quarter and SA should see a similar upward trend.
Nick from believes that there is a large gap between starter/social golfers and becoming a “proper” golfer. He says: “ Social golfers with no official handicap due to just starting out or lack of funds are treated as 2nd class golfers with few services trying to help them into becoming an affiliated handicapped player whom can play official competitive rounds” Nick believes serves beginners and social golfers with score/handicap tracking for free, specials from clubs for greens fees and Membership, ranking your own Top 100 courses played and listing your must play next courses.

An estimated 200000 golfers have golf clubs and play 2 to 20 times without an official handicap. That means a possible 1/5 million rounds are not tracked and yet the social golfer is worth over R100 million to the local golf industry just in green fees alone! is a free to use online score keeping and unofficial handicapping service which relies on advertising and sponsorships. By servicing a large golf community, our goal is to provide access to these golfers and how to attract more of the social golfer revenue towards specific golf club monthly targets.

The goal is to have the largest SA golfer (non-affiliated) database by simply providing excellent free services to beginners and just social golfers.

Success is defined by helping golf clubs grow their revenues with our community efforts and help 500 social golfers join as affiliated golfers every year.
If you are an affiliated golfer with a few unaffiliated social golf mates, ask them to register on and let’s get more golfers playing more golf.
If you want to track your son/daughter scores and help them get to official handicap status then use our services and see which courses are promoting family membership specials or just green fee specials – all course specials are now quickly searchable in one place!
For golf clubs and any brands or service providers wanting to target golfers, the unaffiliated golfer can now be marketed to on a course specific manner with possible links to membership, lessons and visitor specials. Affordable rate of R999 per month or R10k per annum for the first 5 partner courses. As the community grows, this investment will pay off many times over. is launching now and offering all clubs and brands free advertising for 3 months if they commit to a 6-month contract (receive 9 months value)!
Email to partner with a fast-growing community that loves playing golf!