Rising Star – Alexis Toriani


We caught up Alexis and her gran, Belinda Stevens to see what Alexis has been up to in the past six years, since we last chatted… and oh my word, she’s really grown up and her game has come on in leaps and bounds!

2020 – SA Kids – Huddle Park – 18 Holes

According to her gran, Alexis is such as spirited child. Whatever she sets her mind to she achieves. Be it in her academics or any sport she plays. Her dad is so amazed at how well she has taken to golf in such a short space of time. She is such an extreme pleasure, even though at times her dad can’t tell if she is his daughter or the “Queen”. She is very proud of her brother Cole and his golfing achievements. She loves to invite all her friends over to visit and her motivation to get them there is that they will see all her brothers trophies and photos of his golfing escapades around the world, including her selection. She is really inspired by Cole’s discipline and dedication to the game and she is so sure that she will be his challenge sooner than later. She just loves him and everything he does.

Q – What age were you when you started playing golf?

I was very small, maybe 2, when I first tried to hold my brother’s putter but I only decided when I was 6 years old, that I wanted like to play golf just like Cole.

Q – Who inspired your interest in the game?

My brother.

Q – Who is your golf idol?

My brother. Do you know he’s going to be on the TV one day?


Q – What is your favourite course ever played?

I have been privileged to play on many courses, but I have to say I really enjoy playing at Steyn City, Parkview and Jackal Creek.

Q – How often do you practice and what’s your routine?

I practice two days during the week and I try to include one day over the weekend, however if I have an important game scheduled, then I try to put in much more practice time. I normally work on my swing during the week, practice my chipping and putting on Fridays, go to World of Golf on a Saturday and play a game on a Sunday.

Q – How do you achieve balance between your school work and the fairways?

It’s lots of fun and all seems to be working out at the moment.

Q – What are your goals for your golfing career?

I will practice and practice and practice and practice and practice.

Q – Have you ever met a famous golfer?

I have met many amateur and professional golfers, but not a famous golfer as yet.

Q – What is your motto?

Enjoy and always have fun.

Q – What is your advice to other junior golfers?

Enjoy, practice, have fun and have more fun.



Name: Alexis Toriani
Age: 10 years old
School: Spark School Randburg
Member at: Parkview GC

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