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The Mileseey Golf Range Finder is a useful gadget to have in your back pocket on the course. Julian Little takes this nifty gadget for a test drive…

I have never used a range finder before and over the last few years have been relying on a cart and blindly believing the GPS readings and have come unstuck on multiple occasions. You may have experienced the same issues, where the GPS has given you a number, you select the appropriate club, absolutely flush the shot, only to find out you’re about 10 meters short. I popped the Mileseey Range Finder (model PF210) into my back pocket and headed onto the course, to see if the short shot was my shortcoming as a mid-handicap golfer or if the GPS has blatantly been lying to me!

I am not a person who gets overly excited about technology and gadgets, but I was quietly intrigued about the notion that the GPS system is flawed and not my swing. So, on the course, where I regularly play there are a couple of holes where the GPS issues come into play. The one hole is a short par 4, just over 300 meters long-playing uphill. It is incredibly tight, so there is a definite need to err on the side of accuracy. The tee shot is normally a hybrid, generally left with 100 meters or so into the green.
The green itself is quite large so the flag position can change quite a bit. With the flag in the centre of the green the GPS tells me it is 120 metres to the flag. At that distance, I will always reach for my 9-iron but low and behold I am about 10-15 meters short, very frustrating. Now armed with the PF210, I can go about things a little differently. The GPS says 125 meters to the flag. However, the range finder says 140 meters! How can there be such a big difference? That’s a whole club difference! I had not taken into account the slope adjusted distance. Ahhhh…. so now with this newfound knowledge, I take out the 8-iron and knock it to within 5 meters… fantastic!
The range finder I used was the Mileseey PF210. It is very compact, lightweight and incredibly easy to use. I found myself using it on almost every hole and not just for flag distance finding but also to get a better idea of hazard distances.
One thing I did have an issue with when first using the range finder was actually locking onto a target, not really an issue with the range finder but more an issue of the user’s hand stability!
As mentioned previously, I have never used a gadget like this before so I cannot compare this model with the other variants in the market, but I can certainly say that the Mileseey PF210 was certainly beneficial and with a price point of around R2500 it is definitely an attractive option to add to my golf bag.
I did do a driving range test on the second model – PF3S – this being the top-of-the-range Mileseey Range Finder. This model comes with a number of additional features, namely an external display screen, a 7-measurement mode function (distance measurement of any point to point, trajectory compensation, trajectory scan, speed measuring, height measuring between any two points, vertical height measuring and flag locking function). It is user-friendly, lightweight and compact and costs around R3500.

Both these models are available at The Golfers Club.
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