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Q&A by: Jesse Henney, Marketing and Brand Manager: Titleist & Footjoy.

FootJoy is the #1 shoe in golf and offers a wide selection of golf shoes for men, women and juniors. Built for all styles of play, FJ’s golf shoes are comfortable, durable, and always performance-driven. At FootJoy, we do not compromise. We believe in achieving a unique sense of balance between craftsmanship and technology, style and comfort, fit and function. It’s a commitment that is reflected in every product we make and is appreciated by passionate golfers the world over.

1. Why is a shoe fitting so important, and does it really matter?

We now know that about 70% of golfers are in the wrong size shoe, both from a length and width standpoint. These discrepancies in sizing can impact how comfortable the shoe is, and how quickly the golf shoe and the materials used to make that shoe wears over time. Importantly though, the latest research is clear that an incorrectly fitted golf shoe causes a loss in power in the golf swing. Your feet and footwear are the conduits to the ground so it is important that we maximize the interaction with the ground, and the first step to doing that is by getting a properly fitted golf shoe. Ok, so I might be the wrong size, but does it matter? A shoe that is the wrong size can lead to blisters and other discomforts, plus a loss in power generated of up to 28%. That cracking to the leather where the foot flexes and that wear on the inner heel portion of the shoe could also be a symptom of an incorrectly fitted pair of golf shoes.

2. Does size matter? 

The short answer is Yes. More often than not our feet are different sizes not only in length, but in width and shape and this matters. For example, you might find that your left foot is slightly wider and or longer than the right and you need to compensate for that or else you will not get the most out of your golf shoes, and will likely not have a very pleasant experience. At FootJoy, not only do we acknowledge this, but we offer full sizes, half sizes as well different widths to accommodate all golfers with different shape feet. Our MyJoys platform also allows golfers to design their very own custom golf shoes where not only can you choose your own design, but also customize the shoes based on size. It is important that we realize that our feet change shape as we age and we need to take that into account and that old adage of I’ve always been a 9, doesn’t always ring true.

3. What is the difference between a golf shoe and other sports-specific shoes? 

At FootJoy, we only specialize in golf shoes. Since 1857, golf has been our obsession. Golf is very different to most sports and therefore you need a specialised pair of shoes to get the most out of your game. As the game is mostly played from a stationary position, but yet the golf swing is dynamic in nature which means that golfers need elements of stability to help them stay grounded and balanced, but also need the flexibility to be able to turn and get a better range of motion. Added to this, golf is played on a variety of surfaces and in a myriad of conditions. Given the above factors, golf shoes generally have a wider base, a lower cut for the ankle and spikes on the bottom of the shoes to combat these factors. They also need to be comfortable for walking long distances, are required to be breathable in hot climates and waterproof in the wet. In our opinion, it’s not just a matter of placing spikes on a pair of running shoes – a golf shoe needs to be purpose-designed and built in every aspect. Because everyone’s body is different and our swings are different, some golfers need more support in certain areas and our shoes offer just that. We have various types of golf shoes that cater to different heel, underfoot, top of foot and toe characteristics.

Does YOUR shoe fit?

By Julian Little

Size really does matters. Testing has shown a 6 – 21% increase in performance for people wearing properly fit golf shoes. Simple enough, right? Well, did you know, more than 70% of golfers are still wearing the wrong size?

We visited FootJoy to learn about having the correct shoes fitted. I sat down with Jesse who explained the process of the importance of having the right golf shoes. This impacts your game in more ways than you may think.

The fitting started with a number of questions regarding my feet. Have you had any injuries in the past? How often do you play? Where you play? Do you use a cart or walk the course?

The fitting process was quite an eye-opener for me. Turns out, one of my feet is bigger than the other and the other foot is wider! Not a problem, as FootJoy have options that can accommodate this and it is apparently quite normal.

The next step is to try the actual shoes… not as easy as it sounds! There are so many options to choose from! The different types of shoes they offer are amazing – taking into consideration everything from your budget, performance, style and comfort.

I would highly recommend that you have your golf shoes fitted. Regardless of your age, it is crucial to have a proper shoe fitting session before you go ahead and invest in a pair of golf shoes.

How do you know if the shoe fits?


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