RISING STAR | Annah Jewel Pillay

  • Name: Annah Jewel Pillay
  • Age: 8
  • Member at: Country Club Johannesburg
  • Handicap: None


How old were you when you started playing golf? I was six years old.
Who inspired your interest in the game? My dad inspired me to play golf.
Your golf idol? Tiger Woods is my idol.
Favourite course ever played? The mashie course at Country Club Johannesburg.
A funny moment you won’t forget: When I tried to play my shot and my club flew straight out of my hands… that was every funny.
How often do you practice and what’s your practice routine? I practice a few times a week. I go to the mashie course and driving range with my dad and brother. I practise my chipping and putting there. I have my lesson every Saturday with Coach Byron.
Balance between the school and the fairways? I picture a seesaw. on the one side is my school work and the other side of the seesaw is my golf. Taaa daaa – it’s a balance!
Goals for your golfing career? To play lots of tournaments, travel the world and win win win. I always try to be, the best that I can be.
Ever met a famous golfer? Not yet, however I have my dad, and he is my famous golfer!
What other sport do you like to play besides golf? I enjoy swimming, dancing and tennis. I also am learning how to play chess.
What is your favourite thing to do when you are not on the course? I really enjoy spending time with my friends and playing in my room. I also love eating good food… yummy!
Favourite movie? Moana, mmm because my hair is like hers.
What is your motto? Practice, Practice, Practice! Never, ever give up!
What is your advice to other junior golfers? Always listen to your mom and dad. Love the game and always do your best.

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