Rising Star | Jordan Duminy

By Simone Anderson | Photos: GOLFRSA & http://www.jordanduminy.com/

Jordan Duminy, or Jords as he likes to be called, was born in George in the Western Cape. He is a well-disciplined sportsperson and although he is very competitive, he is very considerate towards his competitors. He is currently being coached by Val Holland who is the main coach for the Louis Oosthuizen Golf Academy and not only has his golf improved, but his self-esteem has also gotten a major boost. We catch up with this rising star…


Jordan has been playing golf since he was five. He started with the development program for juniors at Mossel Bay Golf Club in 2009. At the age of six, he became the youngest member ever to join MBGC in 2010 and was allowed to play in most club competitions from the ladies tees, off a 36 handicap. That year he joined the Southern Cape Junior Golf Association where he was participating against players up to the age of 12 years in the C-division.

Keep up to Par

In January last year, Jordan played in The SA Open Championship which was held at Randpark Golf Club. He earned a spot due to his SA Amateur Rankings. Last February, he captained The Junior Proteas at The African Amateur Championships. Thirteen international teams participated. The Junior SA team finished in second place. Jordan finished fourth in the individual tournament.

He was then selected to represent The Junior Proteas at The All Africa Golf Teams Championship to be held in Egypt during March. In October 2020, he won The Kingswood Open as well as The Pinnacle Point Open and went on to win The Bobby Lock Invitational in November. In December, he qualified to play in The SA Open.

Chip Shots

Does anyone in your family play the game?

My Dad, and sister, Jodie both play golf.

At what age did you start playing?

I started playing when I was five.

How did you become interested in playing golf?

My dad and his friends always played and they allowed me to tag along. I would always take a club with and hit a few shots. Just being able to hit the ball was fun.

What is your most memorable golfing experience?

There are so many, but playing a practise round at The SA Open with Louis Oosthuizen, Martin Vorster and Christo Lamprecht, definitely tops my list. Also, playing at The Junior Presidents Cup and then walking inside the ropes at the main event with stars like Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson was absolutely great.

The best round of golf you ever played?

It has to be at Mossel Bay Golf Club when I shot 61.

Are you Club Champion of any golf club?

Yes, in 2018 I was club champion at Mossel Bay Golf Club and in 2021 at Pinnacle Point.

How many holes-in-one (where & when)?

I have gotten three hole-in-ones. The first one at Craigielaw Golf Club in Scotland on the 8th hole, then at Pinnacle Point on the 9th and last but not least, at Irene Country Club on the 16th.

Your current rankings?

SA Golf Amateur Rankings

– Ranked 5th

SA Golf Junior U19 Rankings

– Ranked 2nd

World Amateur Rankings

– Ranked 258th

Southern Cape Amateur Rankings

– Ranked 1st

Other Interests

Do you play any other sports?

Yes, I play cricket.

The highest achievement in a different sport?

I received my Provincial Colours in cricket (SWD).

What do you like to do when not playing golf?

I like putting my feet up and watch tv.

What is your favourite music?

Definitely Rap.

Your tip for up-and-coming Junior Golfers…

Set short term goals and long term goals but make them realistic.

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