Name: Gemma Isabella Huxham
Age: 8 yrs old
Member at: Eagle Canyon
Handicap: 17.5


How old were you when you started playing golf: 

I was two years old when I got my first set of golf clubs. I started playing Parent/Player style tournaments when I was three and instantly loved competing. I started competing in individual tournaments when I was almost six.

Who inspired your interest in the game:

My family – they are very supportive.

Your golf idol?

Lexi Thompson. She is strong, started playing when she was very young and she hits really long shots.

Favourite course ever played?

I have been lucky enough to play on some really great courses. To name a few favourites: Zebula Country Club, Golf Harbour in New Zealand, my home course, Eagle Canyon and I also love The Country Club Johannesburg, Woodmead.

How often do you practice and what’s your practice routine?

A few days a week plus my weekly lesson. I usually start at the driving range and then practice my chipping and putting. If I need to work on something specific that I’m struggling with at the time, I put more focus on that. I have a driving net, a chipping net and a putting mat at home on the tournament weekends, I try to have a practice round at the course beforehand if I haven’t played there before.

Balance between the school and the fairways?

I’m in Grade 2, and luckily don’t have that much homework yet. I go to the range during the week, when my parents have finished work and then I play a round over the weekend. I mostly play a junior golf tournament on a Sunday.

Goals for your golfing career?

For the near future, I would like to go to some International Championships that I have qualified for and do well there. I would like also to win some Amateur tournaments and eventually play professionally.

What is your favourite thing to do when you are not on the course?

Play boardgames, go to Bounce, play with my friends and my brother, ride my bike, watch movies and play with my doggy Coco Star.

What is your motto?

Do YOU. Play YOUR way. YOU can do it, if YOU can imagine it.

What is your advice to other junior golfers?

Focus on what you want. Work hard, and remember to have fun.

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