The Perfect Stroke

What’s the difference between toe hung and face balanced?

By Murray White 

As a child, one of my favourite instructional golf books, was Tiger Woods “How I Play Golf”. The book had such a smart way of showing the different aspects of the game and with instruction effectively working backwards and starting with the art of putting. Mid Hang Putters From the index finger and balancing will Emphasis on scoring.

Murray White

Murray White

On any good day, the average golfer will have two putts per hole, which is 36 putts in a round of golf. Looking at your total score at the end of the day, that is a big percentage of shots! It always amazes me how many golfers are willing to spend so much money on the latest drivers, but putters and wedges hardly get the same attention.

Over hearing many of the discussions at various courses and academies, I often hear the question, “are you using a ‘toe hang’ or ‘Face Balanced’ putter?” Many players don’t know the answer to that question, but this is vital knowledge for your choice of short game equipment.

We don’t all have the same swing or playing style. Some players are really skilled and consistent at swinging the putter in a straight line, while others may have a slight or even a pronounced swing.

Certain coaches will have their own theories and what works best for the player. But, the unfathomable truth is that a well suited putter, for your specific putting style could save you from a whole lot of pain on the course.

Face Balanced Putters:

Face Balanced Putters

Face Balanced Putters

Place the putter shaft and balance with your index finger. This putter face will want to point towards the sky. Face balanced putters generally minimize rotation of the putter head.

• Straight back straight through approach.

If the putting stroke is on a slight arc, a putter with moderate toe hang could be more effective.

Mid Hang Putters:

Mid Hang Putters

Mid Hang Putters

From the index finger and balancing will have the putters toe fall midway.

• Slight arc strokes.

Toe Hang or Toe Down:

Toe Hang or Toe Down

Toe Hang or Toe Down

As the name suggests, the putters toe model will naturally point downwards towards the ground.
• Strong or pronounced arc strokes.

It has been 4 years since the anchoring ban on putters but that has had absolutely no bearing on innovation, new designs , grip theories and technologies. We can truly be grateful for a whole world of possibilities to be found on the shelves today.

Imagine if the “BullsEye Blade” was your only option?

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