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By Nelia Joubert-Hartman

As technology changes, so too do the many ways we can analyse or share our golf swing. Instead of just capturing your swing on a standard smartphone, the latest technology takes it a step further, and not just one step, 360° further.

Why 360° filming?

Feeling the swing does not always give you a realistic view! By not recording your swing, you might accidentally correct something that might actually be working. For example, you might feel that your takeaway is off when it is actually your alignment. Filming your swing will help you get better insights to lower your scores.
Recording your swing is helpful because it gives you footage to review over and over again to determine what you need to work on. PGA Players spend $10 000 and more on video tracking software when they are practising for a tournament.
Thanks to the latest 360° filming technology, it is easier than ever to improve your game, without the expensive software. Traditional videos will only capture one angle at a time. A 360° video will capture the full swing in slow motion, start to finish, top to bottom.
With a 360° video, you can capture both down the line and face on angles.
Down the line will help you in two ways; seeing the plane of the backswing and secondly where the clubface is pointing at the top of the golf swing.
Face On will assist you to see your head and ball position.

Quick self-analysis

If you want to do a quick self-analysis on your video, here are a few pointers:

  • Check your alignment.
  • Perfect your posture
  • Check your grip
  • Check ball position
  • Check your backswing; tempo, path and top of swing
  • Follow your downswing
  • The follow-through


Share your video…

Besides it being fun and giving you bragging rights with your friends, recording and self studying your golf swing can help you make changes that will improve your game in the long run. Share it with your trainer, coach or class to get their inputs. They might see something you don’t.
Furthermore, online services can now assist you with your analysis, if you don’t have a coach or professional analyser.

How to get hold of a 360° recording?

AxelCam South Africa has built a 360° rotating slow-motion camera and has been rolling it out into golf courses, for golf days or for players to analyse their swing.
The AxelCam 360° captures a slow-motion video from all angles. Players stand on a platform using a slow-motion arm to circle automatically around them. And because the footage is taken in slow motion (more frames per second) you can easily pause each frame to analyse your movement in depth.

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